"Space Force Veterans - Beyond the Blue"
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Brothers and Sisters

Space Force Veterans Tartan

This site dedicated to the wear of kilts, particularly in honor of Veterans who served in the Space Force. These fine and honorable veterans, former servicemen and servicewomen who go by "Veteran", "Veteran Guardian" or simply "Guardian", similar to their sister service veteran brethren who go by "Veteran", "Veteran Soldier" or "Soldier", "Veteran Sailor" or "Sailor", "Veteran Marine" or "Marine", "Veteran Airman" or "Airman". 

Each veteran who has served in the various service branches has a tartan pattern which can be woven and made into a kilt to wear in social settings from casual to formal (as shown at the bottom of this page). The wear of the kilt in their particular tartan pattern is a reflection of the their allegiance to not just their country but to their brothers and sisters in their particular profession of arms and the devotion to their duty which they answered with integrity, and dignity. These are people who continue to serve long beyond their commission or enlistment, and who to the end of their days maintain the traditions, which merit respect with all of those they come in contact with by promoting their service.

This site is dedicated to establishing a tartan for the only veterans who do not have one, Space Force Veterans, Guardian Veterans who deserve to wear their own distinctive pattern in a kilt and accessories.

The pattern that is the backdrop of this page is the  Space Force Veterans Tartan as voted by veteran and family members of the organization. As with all military service Tartans, this tartan, at this time, is not officially endorsed by the U.S. Government, U.S. Department of Defense, any of its branches, nor any veteran organizations (with sole exception of this Veteran Organization), nor related government entities and/or any media production companies*. 

This tartan is not intended for commercial use by the creator, it is solely intended for creative commons use so that it can be used in weaving the pattern for creation of kilts and accessories for veterans who wish to wear it to honor their service, as such it is open to any who wish to weave it to do so.

*It should be noted that although the US Air Force and/or US Space Force lay claim to the IP of the term "Space Force" they do not actually own the trademark of the term "Space Force", which is owned by Netflix, hence the production of the TV show "Space Force", of which this page and the name of the tartan pattern is a descriptive reference to a classification of title of those persons whom have served, "Space Force Veterans" specifically, it's use is not in reference to the TV show by Netflix or anyone related to the show specifically. It is used in narrative use (as is done with the names of the other branches of military) outside the "Space Force Veterans Tartan" naming convention.
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