Space Force Veterans Tartan Defined

As with all tartan patterns of symmetrical design this tartan starts in the very center of the pattern and moves diagonally outwards to the corner.

The pattern starts with OD Green to represent the green plant life of our planet and it is also a nod to the beginnings of where the youngest service branch started, which, at its heart honors the rich history and legacy of those veterans who came before. The green is surrounded with a hue of blue to represent the oceans which is bordered by a thin white band representing the clouds and sky of our planet. The white contrasts starkly with the black of space which transitions to another small band of white representing the stars and orbits of the equipment these veterans have maintained and operated and looked upon in the darkest reaches of our solar system and beyond.

Finally, the last field of black, grey, and blue are the three colors of service for which these veterans have served, a rich and virtually endless history in the domain of space. The pattern is symmetrical, and it repeats endlessly, representing the journey which the equipment, the signals/data, and our Space Force Veterans/Veteran-Guardians have and will travel to space and return to our planet time and time again.

This tartan is intended for use by "Space Force Veterans" and "Veteran-Guardians" who have served in the US Space Force, as well as their immediate family members who themselves made sacrifices to ensure their loved ones honorably served. The tartan design is also intended for use by Veteran-Airmen who served in rolls which in anyway supported agencies/commands which were absorbed into the Space Force or aircraft/spacecraft/vehicles which operated at or near outer space, as determined by the honor and integrity of the Veteran.

Design info

Note: The official thread count and color code will be made readily available to the public domain on 1 August 2024