The following information was provided to the Scottish Register of Tartans as a document, as the registration was not able to be processed electronically.

Tartan name: Space Force Veteran's "Beyond the Blue"

MSgt (Ret.) Douglas G Hunter

Tartan date: 
1 May 2023

Please give the background, rationale and history for the tartan: 
Space Force Veteran's "Beyond the Blue" 
The “Space Force Veteran's Tartan” organization was created, to honor Space Force Veteran's & family members. Members voted to amend the tartan name of Space Force Veteran's with “Beyond the Blue”. Like the Air Force Tartan, also named the "Billy Mitchell" Tartan, this design is also named "Col Anthony Zilinsky tartan" in honor of U.S. Space Force Colonel Anthony Zilinsky III, whom the designer served with at RAF Lakenheath.

The design, repeats endlessly, represents the journey, the equipment, the signals/data, Guardians have and will travel to and from space time & time again.

OD Green represents the plant life of our planet & nod to the Army Air Corps.

Next a hue of blue represents the oceans & our sky, and a white band represents the clouds in the sky.

The black of space follows with a small band of white for stars & orbits of the equipment maintained and operated.

The last fields of black, grey, and blue are colors that represent the Space Force.

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Tartan image file: 
Beyond the Blue ‐ Col Zilinsky ‐ US Space Force Tartan.png

Has this tartan been woven? 

If not, do you intend to have it woven? 

Is the tartan symmetrical? 

Please provide thread count details: 
(Information redacted, public release date 1 Aug 2024)

Colour code details: 
(Information redacted, public release date 1 Aug 2024)

Has the design right in this tartan been registered? 

Design registration details:

MSgt (Ret.) Douglas G. Hunter, USAF, 
Design # 306447

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SFV-Beyond the Blue IP Verification.png

Do you have the authority to register this tartan with the proposed name? 

Proof of authority documentation: 
SFVT Domain Verification.png

Are there any restrictions on who can wear/use this tartan? (If yes, please provide details): 

Intended for wear by "Space Force Veterans" and "Veteran‐Guardians" who have served in the US Space Force, as well 
as their immediate family members who themselves sacrificed to ensure their loved ones honorably served. The tartan is also intended for use by Veteran‐Airmen who served in rolls which supported agencies/commands absorbed into the Space Force or aircraft/spacecraft/vehicles which operated at or near space, as determined by the honor and integrity of the Veteran.