About the Designer

MSgt (Ret.) Douglas G. Hunter

A 24-year retired Veteran-Airman who worked on photo-sensor and sensor systems (TISEO, LANTIRN Navigation/Targeting/Bomb Impact Assesment, DataLink, NVG's, CCTV, VTR's, Pave Penny, Gun Cameras, Optical Bar Cameras) used on F-4's, F-15's, F-16's A-10's and the U2 which operates at the edge of space. A decorated former Honor Guard volunteer member at two of seven assigned bases, with almost 10 years served outside the US. 

Established the Knights of the Pub Table, on 24 February 2011 after 19 years of forming various gaming groups at numerous military assignments while on active duty in the USAF. The Knights of the Pub Table are a US military veteran and family member organization of crafters (The Knights of the Pub Table have been requested Makers for the Pensacola Makers Faire for 2022 and 2023) and gamers who periodically engage in volunteer activities to help veterans with projects, event coordinators/attendees for events in the Northwest Florida area throughout the year, and travel as an organization to attend various renaissance, Celtic and civic festivals, and activities across the US.

A 2019 graduate of Northwest Florida State College with an Associates of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, and a 2023 graduate from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Summa Cum Laude, in Graphic Design through the Veterans Administration (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation (VocRhab) program. A first generation American-born son of a Mum from Scotland.

"It is important to pay respect to the dedication to duty and service commitment of our Brothers and Sisters in the Profession-of-Arms who have previously and those who are currently embodying the very ethos we cherish and venerate within our armed forces. It is vital to give their tartan a distinctive and refined design to honor the same." -MSgt (Ret,) Douglas G. Hunter